Sea Of Thieves Season 1 Has Officially Begun

It's official: Sea of Thieves Season 1 has begun, and it's bringing plenty of new content with it as part of this big Sea of Thieves update.

You can look forward to new Voyage types, a brand new progression system, and in-game events, among lots of other stuff.First up, Rare has announced a brand new progression system to enjoy in the first season of Sea of Thieves.

With the advent of Seasons, the devs are also introducing Renown, which you can earn for lots of different things in Sea of Thieves.

As befits a new content season , Sea of Thieves also has a new Plunder Pass to check out.

It's essentially a buccaneerin' Battle Pass called the Plunder Pass, coming complete with 100 tiers of stuff to unlock.There's also a brand new type of Voyage available in Season 1. If you're rank 25 or above with the Merchant Alliance, you can embark on Lost Shipments Voyages, in which you'll attempt to find a shipment lost at sea.

These Voyages will also offer new Achievements and new Commendations to collect.It's not just new progression systems and Voyages in Sea of Thieves Season 1. You'll also find a new Order of Souls event to check out, which sees piratical players plundering Soul Fragments from skeletons to swap for new weapons and cosmetics.

Sea of Thieves Season 1 is also bringing new Outpost cosmetics, including the new Dark Adventurers set, the Silent Barnacle set, and the Bedraggled Castaway Bilge Rat set. There are also a number of improvements to the game's UI and visuals, including a new 120Hz 1080p mode on Xbox Series X if you've got a swanky TV setup.

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