The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood Welcomes Players Back to Cyrodiil

In the years since its release, Bethesda’s flagship MMO RPG The Elder Scrolls Online has been receiving a steady stream of ‘chapters’, substantial DLC packs which each bring a large map to explore, introduce new gear to grind, and come with copious numbers of quests to complete.

Being able to seamlessly step into the familiar city of Solitude from Skyrim in the Greymoor expansion before venturing on to the surreal swamps of Morrowind is a treat for series veterans and presents new players with the exciting possibility of experiencing some of the most iconic areas from games gone by in a shiny, modern package.Set almost a millennia before the events of Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest chapter, Blackwood, sees players return to the province of Cyrodiil to once again stop the mad plans of the evil Daedric Prince, Mehrunes Dagon.

For players familiar with the fourth game this story may sound a little familiar, but its presentation through a rapidly unfolding conspiracy filled with intrigue, mystery, and an alarming amount of murder quickly had me hooked.

Visually, Blackwood absolutely shines both in the rain and at night, where the slight fog and abundance of reflective water surfaces lends everything an almost ethereal feel.Occasionally, players are also granted the opportunity to enter Oblivion Portals which are randomly dispersed throughout the map and lead to large expansive dungeons set in the fiery Daedric underworld.

For players particularly interested in the roleplaying aspect of The Elder Scrolls Online, the ability to alter companion’s clothing styles is an excellent addition and even I soon found myself eager to change up their outfits to try and stand out from the crowd.

Companions also level up alongside the player and can be assigned new abilities and roles, so help add an extra level of depth for high-level players to master.On the whole, I loved my time with Blackwood and I can’t wait to have a little more free time to experience the entirety of what the almost 30-hour long storyline has to offer.

The sheer novelty of seeing some of Oblivion's most iconic areas painstakingly brought to life once again and the ability to jump into that world with your friends at your side seems, to me at least, worth the price of admission alone.

The new tutorial alongside the fact that purchase includes the previous four chapters as standard, makes this a fantastic starting point for newcomers whilst the exciting new dungeons, unique map, not to mention the long-awaited addition of NPC companions, make Blackwood one pack that The Elder Scrolls Online veterans won’t want to miss.

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