Wolfstride: A Turn-Based Demo Of Robot Demolition

Thinking about them would spark memories of playing in the background with our favourite actions figures and toys.

From Transformers to Pacific Rim, there’s no shortage of giant-robot-related content, and it’s doubtful there ever will be.

OTA IMON Studios seeks to add to that library with their upcoming game Wolfstride, a turn-based mecha fighting game.

Though only the demo is available for now, it lets us take a seat in the cockpit and tactfully throw some giant robot punches.

Going back to our childhood playtime, we never gave much thought as to why the robots were fighting.

Plenty of series from Evangelion to Gurren Lagann have tried to add depth and complexity to the context for fighting robots, but simple can work just as well.

You control one of the mechanics whose job is also to find work in order to keep the team afloat and the robot in shape.

It’s a giant robot story with a struggling and somewhat grounded base.When working with robots, giant or otherwise, something to keep in mind is the parts you use.

This adds a tactical element as you decide whether you should just focus on the heart for a faster finish or pick off their parts for an easier fight.

The fights and moves are flashy enough to feel like a page from a manga fight scene.Sometimes you need to scrounge for any parts you can just so that you can get your robot working.

Wolfstride fights could benefit from having a way to block or evade enemy attacks rather than just rely on having slightly higher stats.

If you land on where your opponent is, you can push them back one space with little fanfare.

If MP could be used for other actions or if there were some penalty to using them, they would have more strategic value.Wolfstride is a turn-based mech fighting game set in a dystopian future city.

It suffers from a lack of engagement and balance, but there’s still time to sort it out and add more.

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