The Sky Is Calling In Black Skylands!

Ever since humans looked up and saw birds soaring through the air, they’ve had the desire to fly.

However, being cursed without wings, we had to use our creativity to come up with ways to explore the sky.
The idea of a flying boat has become a fantasy staple and Black Skylands by Hungry Couch Games revolves around it.
As a sky pirate out for revenge, you’ll need to arm yourself, build up a home base and upgrade your airship to handle the horrors of the horizon.
Some stories provide reasons as to why people fled to the sky, but Black Skylands presents it as this is the way it’s always been.
You play as Eva, a young girl living on a large airship with her family and community.
Years following a dangerous incident on her birthday, Eva’s former ally has since taken it upon himself to build a pirate army under the guise of protecting the various communities.
Following an attack on her home, Eva sets out to liberate the islands from the pirates’ tyranny and find a way to weather a monstrous storm that threatens the whole sky.
While some sailing games suffer from a lack of content, these skies are filled with things.
Then there’s the diversity of the gameplay which is split into three distinct areas: Combat, exploration, and management.
Saving islands provide people and resources to expand your base so you can get stronger and explore further.
It’s tense, exciting, and tests your skill.If there’s one thing you want to avoid while sailing, it’s going overboard.
Sharp turns aren’t really possible and this becomes a real issue when being attacked by several enemies at once.
Warehouses are convenient for transferring items between items and the ship but not every island has a warehouse.
This means you’ll resort to spreading weapons like shotguns and machine guns rather than rifles or pistols.
Though, you’re stuck with the narrow shot Hookshot.Black Skylands is a top-down action/adventure game about exploring the skies and freeing them from danger.
There are some problems with slow sailing, precise aiming, and tedious resource gathering which you’ll need to get used to doing.

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