Avatar Legends Brings The Show To Life

A while back, it was announced that Magpie Games would be working on an official tabletop RPG adaptation of the animated martial arts fantasy series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, officially titled Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game.

We here at TechRaptor managed to get a small taste of what Magpie Games has been working on with some quickplay rules and a premade adventure.
Once the adventure had concluded, our players couldn't help but discuss what could happen next, the future stories that could be told, and how well the accompanying systems could help shape those adventures and watch them grow.
The first thing that jumps out is that Avatar Legends puts roleplaying and character growth center stage well over more conventional RPG trappings.
The origin story of how the players met and began working together is framed as the “pilot episode,” the group's major focus that drives the adventure is framed as something that either resolves or changes at the end of a “season,” the list goes on.
It reminded me a lot of how Aspects work in FATE Core, but with more accessible terms and shorthand.I was skeptical about how everything would work in practice due to my familiarity with more complex systems, but a lot of that evaporated as I ran our adventure.
But shortly thereafter they are released from their cells by a Fire Sage that is having second thoughts about the Fire Nation's rise in militaristic expansion.
What followed was a race against the clock with the players figuring out how to escape while trying to lay low during the island's coronation festival.
The party consisted of an airbending Idealist, someone who joined the Air Nomads at a young age just in time for the Fire Nation to attack, marking him as a fugitive; old enough to know some airbending but not enough to earn his arrow tattoos.
Finally, we had an Icon, another earthbender tasked with both environmental preservation of the Earth Kingdom as well as an archivist of important world history.
It took a while to recenter the adventure on these new characters, in many ways it felt more geared towards the premade PCs, but within about fifteen minutes it felt like we were re-enacting an episode from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
The Idealist using what little airbending he knew to help protect his friends from a unit of komodo rhino riders when things got serious.My only regret once it concluded was that a lot of the positive points of the written adventure weren't explored due to the antics of the party.
Multiple factions of characters packed with difficult moral choices and a testing of the party's principles were either skipped over or truncated due to several bad rolls and fumbles turning the whole adventure into a breezy comedic romp.
It's a testament to Magpie Games' design chops that The Forbidden Scroll is their starting adventure for this RPG because there is a lot of great hooks and permutations that can come out of it.
The idea is that based on whatever role you've taken there is always a balance of two different principles that will shift and move as situations present themselves.

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