God Of Riffs Starts Shakily in VR

God of Riffs doesn’t attempt to become a replacement, it attempts to make its own path alongside it - though I’m not quite convinced just yet.

To put it very simply, God of Riffs is a metal-tinged Beat Saber that tasks you with taking down hordes of enemies on time for the greatest score.
Where Beat Saber only ever takes place in one place, God of riffs lets you pick a handful of arenas that all change and react to the music in small ways.
Mountains, monuments, and creatures start to bob their head or headbang as your score goes up and it gets even better when you active your high score mode.
Like Guitar Hero, you can throw your hands up to activate a special mode where your score is worth more and the arena starts to react.
I would prefer to consistently miss then the game let some through and others not - it ends up in you never quite knowing what you should do to improve.
It has a fairly rigid line where enemies come running at you so they rarely actually align with the ground in front of you, entirely taking you out of the moment.
If your “notes” are on the ground, you have to hit small skeleton warriors and the hits in the sky are done via flying skull bats, reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold's logo.
Metal is well known for its veracity and tempo, making a rhythm game the perfect fit but it could add well onto this foundation with prog metal for those who want a challenge or to blackgaze for those who want to fade out while they play.
Unfortunately, with just four songs, five stages, and three difficulty settings, I felt done with God of Riffs after an hour of messing around with it.
At a low price point and with accurate trailers, this is a game that could fit into its own mold over the next year but, right now, we just have the guts of something that could be enjoying one day.
It’s good that we are receiving a little more competition in the rhythm game section but this won’t convince anyone just yet.

2 months ago by Masoumeh Shafiei

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