Splitgate Delays Launch While Open Beta Continues

The Splitgate launch was supposed to be tomorrow, but 1047 Games has changed its plans — instead, the launch will be delayed on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox while the open beta continues for the next few weeks at least.

"Free online portal shooter Splitgate will remain in open beta into next month as 1047 Games has delayed the game’s official launch in the wake of 2 million players downloading the game and flooding the Splitgate servers in the past 14 days," read a press release from the developer.
The rapid success of the game hasn't gone unnoticed, either — venture capital firm Human Capital has invested $10 million into 1047 Games to help it get the job done.
The server infrastructure upgrade will have the upside of overall smoother gameplay, but it looks like the player base won't be losing out on too much content — some of the planned additions for the game's official launch will nonetheless make their debut tomorrow.
"It will also include many frequently requested features from its open beta, including mouse and keyboard support and a FOV slider on console, and customizable controller layouts."The Splitgate launch will be sometime in August 2021; 1047 Games has yet to specify an exact date.
That said, you can look forward to enjoying a new content drop tomorrow with some of the stuff that was expected for its proper launch.

2 months ago by Masoumeh Shafiei

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