Pokemon Live-Action Netflix Show in Early Development

Variety has learned that a live-action version of the massively popular media franchise is in early production at Netflix, although there isn't much in the way of substantial details just yet.

Netflix has plenty of entirely original shows and movies, but it's no stranger to adapting existing works — especially in the realm of video games.
Of course, there was also a fair amount of hype surrounding the live-action adaptation of The Witcher, a show that was so popular that it quickly became popular and even inspired a DLC for The Witcher 3.
Now, it's Pokemon's turn — although what this new adaptation will look like is a bit of a mystery. Sources speaking to Variety say that Lucifer Writer and Executive Producer Joe Henderson will serve as an Executive Producer and Writer for the Pokemon live-action Netflix show.
That said, Variety's sources say that this new Netflix show will be somewhat in the vein of Detective Pikachu, a film that set box office records for a video game adaptation.
Given how long it takes to produce a show, it's likely that we'll be waiting at least a year or two before we get any substantial details (barring another leak such as this).

2 months ago by Masoumeh Shafiei

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