Carbon Grey Tabletop RPG Announced

As stated in an official press release, The Carbon Grey TTRPG, is based on the graphic novel series of the same name created by Hoang Nguyen and distributed by Image Comics.

Gaska, an ENnie and UKGE award winner for his work on the recent Alien RPG from Free League and the lead writer of the Terminator RPG from Nightfall Games.
But the biggest surprise comes from the fact that this RPG will be using a modified version of the famous D6 system used by West End Games.
The version used for Carbon Grey will be a "Magnetic Variant" of the system, which will include additional rules such as Genre Defined Attributes, Streamlined Skills, and Character Quirks and Obligations.
In addition, there will be a Wild Die used to represent the setting's chaotic take on bending and breaking the rules of space and time, which can lead to Continuity Surges, Flux Effects, and more.We managed to reach out to Magnetic Press about wanting to adapt Carbon Grey to the tabletop scene.
Steampunk had some fun elements but mixing that ideology into early-20th-century architecture and politics with a dash of dieselpunk tech and contemporary metaphysics proved to be fresh creative territory that we still haven’t seen much of, certainly not with the same dynamic flare and visual grit as Hoang Nguyen and his creative team have created."

As for bringing back the West End D6 system, they were quite excited.
Granted, tabletop RPG systems have changed substantially since then, but Magnetic Press are confident on bringing more exposure to the system with future projects they have going forward.
The days of the collegiate-style black-and-white textbooks filled with stats and charts have evolved into more immersive, eye-catching artbooks filled with lore and imagination-inspiring creative prompts.

2 months ago by Masoumeh Shafiei

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