Innersloth Reveals Most Popular Among Us Colors from 15-Player Update

Innersloth has revealed an updated list for the most popular Among Us colors following the launch of the 15-player update on PC, consoles, and mobile devices earlier this year.

The launch of the Airship Map saw a 500% increase in players alone — and that was before we finally got our hands on 15-player lobbies.
This game is all about a bunch of Crewmates trying to complete some rather mundane tasks with one twist: a handful of Imposters are hidden in the group, attempting to kill all the Crewmates before they can complete their mission.
Among Us is a fairly simple game in terms of graphics; players will typically tell one another apart based on their chosen uniform color and any accessories they may be wearing.
Believe it or not, Innersloth has the answer.If you're a fan of Tan, you might feel bad — but don't worry, Innersloth has cooked up a delightful trophy to celebrate the one color that's "the best at being last." Interestingly, replies to the tweet note that Pink appears to be much less popular with the debut of Rose — I guess soft pastel colors are back in fashion.
You can buy Among Us via its official website for PC, consoles, mobile devices, and pretty much everything short of a Samsung Smart Fridge for $4.99 or your regional equivalent.

2 months ago by Masoumeh Shafiei

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