Unavowed Let's You Unravel The Past on Nintendo Switch

With a system of choose-your-own backstory for the protagonist, multiple ways to solve every area, and several endings, it was a shakeup that brought a breath of fresh air to a genre that can, unfortunately, be quick to fall into patterns.

As a point and click game, I was apprehensive of how Unavowed would translate to the Switch, particularly after having played ports of other adventure games that made their way over less than smoothly.
You can play in either docked or handheld modes and use a controller or the touchscreen or switch between the two seamlessly.Controls are laid out clearly when the game boots up and is available for review, but it’s also very intuitive.
Object descriptions automatically pop up at the top of the screen when you hover the cursor over an item and the inventory bar is tucked away up top until you hover or tap the top area of the screen.
Graphics scale both down and up beautifully, looking crisp and clean handheld or docked, showing off the fantastic pixel artwork that gives the game an almost painted feel at times, with intricate levels of detail and smooth animations throughout.
Not that I would expect it to not hold up just three years later, but I’m reminded of why it is my favorite adventure game, from any company.
Wanted by the police for a variety of violent and stomach-churning crimes, your only option is to join the Unavowed, magical defenders who protect the earth from supernatural and otherworldly threats.
As you journey through the game you unravel your demon’s past and uncover deeper and darker secrets about the world, learning what’s at stake if you can’t stop the magical mayhem.One of the most unique things about the game is how much choice it gives the player.

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