Arknights Who is Real Event Involves Nian, Lava, Saga, and Dusk

A side story event, Who is Real was originally implemented on the core Chinese version of the game to celebrate the 2021 Chinese New Year in February.

Due to localization delay, though, it will go live in the global edition on July 30, 2021, as part of that Arknights version’s “1.5 year anniversary”.
Due to technology being the same person, Alternate Operators can’t share squad or facility assignments with the character they’re based on.
This first variant, awarded for free to event participants, is “Lava the Purgatory.” She is a 5-star alternative take on the 3-Star operator.
This version of Lava appears as she did in Ancient Forge, playing out the role she wrote for herself as part of a movie concept she was workshopping with Nian.
Besides Lava the Purgatory, the Arknights Who is Real event will also add several new characters to its premium headhunting banner.
The Vanguard warrior priestess Saga and Dusk, a caster-class Operator who happens to be one of Nian’s sisters, will join Arknights.
Saga is the game’s third 6-Star Vanguard and is comparable to the existing character Siege, though Saga’s skills take advantage of new mechanics to improve her team supportability.

2 months ago by Masoumeh Shafiei

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