Melty Blood: Type Lumina Ciel Displays Her Hunting Skills

The new trailer demonstrates Ciel’s combat prowess and the skills that made her an ace member of the Burial Agency, a black ops branch of the Church dedicated to hunting supernatural threats, particularly vampires.

Ciel shows off her mastery of the many killing tools afforded to the Holy Church’s “dark side,” particularly the Black Keys, magically-empowered swords held between the fingers.
As in Melty Blood, Ciel can throw her Black Keys as projectiles, giving her a longer reach than previously demoed Type Lumina characters like Arcueid or Tohno.
In previous Melty Blood titles, a version of Ciel wearing this outfit and using the Seventh Holy Scripture exclusively was known as Powerd Ciel [sic].
Melty Blood: Type Lumina is due for global release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 30, 2021.
Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon, a remake of the visual novel Melty Blood is based on, will release in Japan on August 26, 2021.

2 months ago by Masoumeh Shafiei

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