Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Squatt and Baboo Review

Even her knuckleheaded subordinate Rito Revolto has some experience under his belt with how he has beaten the Power Rangers from time to time.

Then there is Squatt and Baboo, the pair of bumbling stooges who go back and forth between getting berated by their evil queen and getting into harebrained schemes to defeat the Rangers.
It's not a completely unwarranted observation given that these characters have always been depicted, either in the original TV show or in the more recent comic books, as inept and incompetent henchmen.
Much like the Bulk and Skull Ranger Pack, the appeal behind these characters aren't exactly for the challenge they impose through brutal or complex mechanics but by the pure novelty, they bring to a game.
Thankfully, the designers at Renegade recognized this and seemed to have leaned in with its presentation; if Squatt and Baboo are going to fall flat on their face trying to stop your team of Rangers they're going to make it memorable. This is especially obvious with Squatt's cards which characterize him as a simple-minded buffoon.
In addition, there are combat cards that can actually do nothing depending on a dice roll or even indirectly help players by making them draw additional cards.
There's a fourth-wall aware Passive card titled “I'm Not Reading That” which forces all players to ignore any additional rules text on all of their combat cards.
Much like Squatt himself, if caught on a good (bad?) day things can go surprisingly well, but otherwise, it'll just lead to a half-baked hijinx.
There are some party rule cards like “Pick Your Poison” which makes whatever player who drank something recently lose cards, or the sniveling delight in “Scapegoat” which is immediately switched out for a different card in the deck when it's defeated.
If they mess up, the card is discarded and they do it again until they either get it right or mill out their deck and are removed from the game.
This won't necessarily work with more seasoned players who make a habit of checking their hands and discard piles enough, but for new players, this can be a novel way to pull the rug out from under them. Finally, there is the Passive card “Punk Potion.” This disables any ability for any support or combos to happen between Rangers.
“Punk Potion” can effectively be canceled out by “I'm Not Reading That” for example. If you pick up the Squatt and Baboo Character Pack expecting the next big dreaded monster deployment that will push your next game of Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid to the limit, then you clearly know nothing about the legacy of these characters.

1 month, 4 weeks ago by Masoumeh Shafiei

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