Sweetlandia Review

Ultra Pro and Stone Blade Entertainment have outdone themselves with simple yet exciting city planning game, Sweetlandia.

The rules are ridiculously easy to learn, and games can be completed in less than an hour.
The players must bid against each other to lay claim to these new developments, and all the while they must attempt to meet the demands of their own personal goals as well as those of the mayor.
Meeting these demands will reward the player with this world's form of currency: Donuts. The overall object of Sweetlandia is to have more donuts than anyone else at the end of the game.
This phase has players add up all of the donuts that they received from location cards or incentives (more on those in a bit), and then keep track of everyone's score.
For example, there is one incentive that grants the player six additional donuts if they don't own any properties that are colored yellow, or another that grants nine donuts to the player if they own a River, Mountain, and Forest location.
Each player receives their own secret incentive that they hide from everyone else in the game that can only be completed by them, whereas Mayor McSweet also holds a public incentive that anyone is able to complete and earn donuts from. Another interesting aspect though is that each of the location cards has special directions on them that the player must follow when they acquire them.
One card may tell them to grab the next card in the deck, steal a specific card from one of their opponents, or even grant their locations special abilities.
This essentially adds this card's donuts to the end of each round's score, which can be a big advantage

Incentives and the actions on cards add a really fun level of strategy to each game that is played.
The winner of the game isn't always determined by the person who gets the first pick of the properties, but rather the person who knows how to use each of the cards properly.to help them towards their goal.
Much of the time it is better to take a card with a lower donut count on it if that card also grants some kind of special ability or fulfills an incentive requirement. Despite the amount of fun that Sweetlandia can be, there are a few different cards that have vague actions on them.
Realistically, it seems that the intent was to have this action only activate one, but since each Rocky Road card has this description it could also be cumulative for each card.
If, for example, you have three Rocky Road cards in your possession the difference in these two methods can make the point total for these cards either five or 15.
There are a couple of other cards in the deck that sports similarly vague language that can cause issues for players overall, but luckily these are for the most part pretty minor.
Ultimately, this is also one of the only problems that Sweetlandia has, and it's one that most first editions of board games deal with. One of my favorite parts about Sweetlandia though is the beautiful design that it sports.
It is also so simple that it's easy to teach others how to play in just a few short minutes and have them playing like pros in no time at all.

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