Greak: Memories Of Azur Review

Many plots involve familial bonds with plenty of games sending you on a quest to save them.

However, just like in real life, working together with your siblings is not always a simple task.
This becomes very apparent the longer you play, but it is something that must be overcome in order to make sure that the family succeeds.
Many stories involve some sort of evil force slowly conquering the world and the hero’s quest to stop it.
They were continuously held back until gaining control of corruptive energy called the plague which could manifest into dangerous creatures.
Now the Corines are in dire straits but rather than fighting back, they’ve opted to escape.
The latter is important considering how often enemies will appear and they can spawn almost anywhere.
You’ll need to switch between the characters strategically in order to navigate through dungeons and such.Sometimes taking time apart can be healthy, but other times it can mean the difference between life and death.
Even though you can control the siblings quite close together, the amount of platforming will lead to them getting stuck on the edge of terrain or missing jumps completely.
No matter which one of them you’re controlling, if any of them die, then the game ends.
When they’re separated from each other, siblings don’t move but can attack nearby enemies.
Aside from healing items, gems and enemies can be used to restore health but make sure the sibling you want to be healed is leading the pack.
While there’s nothing wrong with a game on the short side, Greak: Memories Of Azur builds up such a grand world and then barely shows any of it.
It doesn’t help that much of the game is spent backtracking through areas you’ll have memorized by mid-game.Greak: Memories Of Azur is a 2D puzzle-platformer fantasy action game.
This is somewhat soured by the frustrating group controls and rules, but relatively easy to get over.

1 سال پیش by Masoumeh Shafiei

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