Mama Will Appear as a Bike For NieR Reincarnation Anniversary

The bike will have a picture of Mama on the wheel and is white and black to go with the general color scheme of NieR: Reincarnation.

In Japan, bikes that have a basket in front are referred to as mama chairs, which can be translated to “mommy bike.” This explains why an image of Mama will appear on the bike, as well as the joke behind this piece of half-anniversary merch.
Though NieR: Reincarnation went live in February, the rest of the world started to play it at the end of July.
Players can attempt to pull swimsuit versions of Rion, Fio, and Akeha until September 1, 2021.
There is also a new character, Griff, who appeared when Chapter 10 of the main story went live earlier this week.
Previous merchandise featuring Mama includes a plush doll of her. NieR: Reincarnation is available worldwide on mobile devices.

12 ماه ها پیش by Masoumeh Shafiei

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