Ender Lilies Update Includes New Modes, Item, Movie Player

Today, developers Live Wire and Adglobe as well as publisher Binary Haze Interactive have released the first major Ender Lilies update, which includes three new modes: the Maligned Memories Mode, Return to Land's End, and New Game Plus.

The update is coming to Steam first, with the update arriving on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 (via backward compatibility), PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One at a later date.
“We are happy to give players a new reason to jump back into Land’s End and continue Lily’s journey with fresh challenges and surprises.”Well, the Maligned Memories mode has players facing off against fallen foes in a gauntlet of boss battles in rapid succession, where the princess' skills will be put to the test.
While playing through the game again, you can also check out the "most memorable and moving moments" of Lily's journey by watching all of the cinematics in the in-game movie player.
Be sure to look for a new-end game item that "rewards adventurers returning to Land’s End." That's all I was told, so I guess you'll know it when you see it.
Last but not least is the Blightborn mode, where players will be able to customize their experience and alter in-game parameters to "create unique challenge runs that test the skills of metroidvania fans." In this mode bosses are friendly spirits that will help Lily during her quest, which is an interesting change compared to the rest of the game.

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