Fallout: The Frontier Pulled From Nexus Mods Amidst Controversy

Earlier this month, a group of developers released a massive mod for Fallout: New Vegas that added a new map and storylines that rival the size of the base game's features.

After seven years of development, Fallout: The Frontier seemed like it would be an impressive piece of work.

However, all that work seems to be crashing down, as the mod has been pulled from its platforms by its creators due to one developer's disturbing art and pushback from players on the game's content.Fallout: The Frontier is no longer available to download because one of the developers has a history of creating pedophilic art, and that there had been some concern over parts of the content of the mod.

Anyone trying to download the mod from NexusMods will discover that it's no longer available.Looking for ZuTheSkunk online will find that they have a Deviantart account, which features My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan art that occasionally goes into NSFW territory.

In an email, they told us that Zu's primarily worked on icons as well as armor and weapon modeling. This means that despite his extremely inappropriate art, Zu had little to no input on the mod's writing, which has its own problems. Also worth noting is that Zu is not listed in the PDF file that lists those who worked on The Frontier.Those who picked up Fallout: The Frontier have been pointing out some pretty troubling aspects in the game's writing. In particular, players have pointed out a questline where you can make a teenage girl into a slave, with the implication that she's willing to get sexual.

It's true that the Fallout games let players do terrible things and also feature slavery, even fans of the mod's technical feats are uncomfortable with the writing. Despite Zu being the main name the team is throwing out there, Zu had no involvement with America or any other problematic NPCs.With Zu not playing a part in the writing, that leaves the major question as to how the writing got approved.

The content was considered fine by the development team, but "concern was only raised upon release once more eyes started going over the content in question."

In a post on the mod's official Twitter account, it's been announced that the mod's "inappropriate lines and content" will be scrubbed from the mod in what will be its final build.

A majority of what's being removed for the final build of Fallout: The Frontier involves America's slavery content, as well as a random line from her about smelly boots, which some players consider a nod to foot fetishes.

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