Epic Games Store Free Games To Continue In 2021

Epic Games Store free games will continue in 2021, and there are a bunch more features planned including achievements and wishlists.There are some pretty impressive numbers to pore over in the Epic year-end review.

Epic says it now has over 160 million PC users on the Epic Games Store, with 31.3 million daily active players and 56 million monthly active users.

Gamers spent over $700 million on EGS last year and played a total of 5.7 billion hours, compared with 3.35 billion hours in 2019. That's a pretty significant jump.In total, there are now 471 games available on the Epic Games Store, a huge leap from the 190 available at the end of 2019. Epic says it released 103 weekly free games over the course of 2020, many of which made their debut on the store as free titles.

That list also includes Grand Theft Auto V, which was given away as a free game in May last year.Epic says that much of its work on the Store right now is geared towards introducing self-publishing. The gaming giant intends to allow developers to publish their own games on the Epic Games Store this year, so Epic is working on development tools to make that process possible.

In addition, Epic is working on a number of new features for the storefront which will debut in 2021. These include a social overhaul, improvements to the wishlist and achievement features, and player profiles.

If you want to keep up with updates to the Epic Games Store, you can check out the platform's official Trello board, where new features are introduced and a roadmap is available.

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